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A grieving teenager (Graham Rogers) uses long-distance running to cope with the death of his girlfriend, and grows as a person and an sportman under the tutelage of a wise coach. Liana Liberato, Melanie Lynskey, and Tim Roth co-star in this sports drama, romance movie which was adapted from the novel Life at These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson.


1 Mile to You online free film hd

1 Mile to You free movie online hd







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1 Mile to You Cast

Melanie Lynskey
Billy Crudup
Tim Roth
Stefanie Scott
Liana Liberato
Graham Rogers
Peter Coyote
Thomas Cocquerel
Yul Vazquez
Ty Parker
Casey Groves
Samantha Hodges
Peter Holden
Jaren Mitchell
Renwick D. Scott II


1 Mile to You reviews



The background score is soothing and amazing. The 1 Mile to You movie team has done a great job. The music of this film is really good, all the music lovely to hear. Film’s script has been written very good, you enjoy the film throughout. the scenes are well shot, all the cast have done a great job. The concept is unique and exciting, the film is executed really good. The climax, the ending, all of it is cool. 1 Mile to You has been adapted from a novel.


Lovely and original

1 Mile to you – movie tells the story of a man who loses his friends in a accident and his journey to recovery after the event. Graham Rogers, Billy Crudup and the entire actors are outstanding and give wonderfully compelling and honest performances. So moving and brought me and the entire friends to tears. The cinematography is outstanding. Music by Paul DoucetteĀ  is amazing. Loved the that. This is not a movie for the jaded or if your looking for something dark and ironic.


Subtle and deep

What a great film! brought me to tears. Kevin’s painful journey is one that anyone can relate to. Its about overcoming the death of your beloved ones and keep rowing the boat. or running with your heart…:-) Billy Crudup’s performance is outstanding. Its a tender film that will also make you laugh. Highly recommend!



Actor Graham Rogers is a 26-y/o high school student whose tragic loss of friends and track teammates sets the stage for this “running as emotional release” teen tearjerker.
The movie may work for teens, but anyone older will notice that Graham’s catharsis is superficial. Be it the grief-by-numbers script, Hallmark/Lifetime-level direction, or Graham’s acting limitations, this tale if personal turmoil keeps its emotions on the surface like an oil slick.
In few scenes, veteran actor Tim Roth infuses more interest than Rogers manages for the rest of the movie.
Billy Crudup deserves better dialogue as well as character development. Th0ough he is not an “It Boy” anymore, Crudup’s acting chops were proved in the recent gem 20th CENTURY WOMEN.
For a far superior conceptualization of this type of tragedy, see THE SWEET HEREAFTER.