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This action-packed military thriller stars Armie Hammer (FREE FIRE, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.) as a U.S. soldier who, stranded in the desert for 52 hours after a mission falls apart, must fight for survival against his enemies, the hostile environment, and the creeping psychological toll of his treacherous situation. Annabelle Wallis (ANNABELLE, THE MUMMY) and Tom Cullen (WEEKEND) co-star in this tense, explosive film from the producer of BURIED and THE CONJURING.


Mine full movie online free

mine full movie online free
mine full movie online free






Mine wiki

Mine is a 2016 psychological thriller film written and directed by Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro, in their feature film directorial debut.



After a failed assassination attempt during a mission in North Africa, US Marine Mike Stevens (Armie Hammer) finds himself trapped on a land mine. If he moves, the mine will explode. Exposed to the desert elements, he must survive the dangers of the desert and battle the psychological and physical toll of the treacherous conditions, remaining motionless for two days waiting for help.



  • Armie Hammer as Mike Stevens
  • Annabelle Wallis as Jenny, Mike’s fiancée
  • Tom Cullen as Tommy Madison
  • Clint Dyer as the Berber, a local inhabitant who helps Mike
  • Geoff Bell as Mike’s Father
  • Juliet Aubrey as Mike’s Mother
  • Inés Píñar Mille as Berber Girl, the Berber’s deceased daughter
  • Luka Peros as Delta Force #1
  • Daniel Sandoval as Boy
  • Agustín Rodríguez as Sayid Assif
  • Yesarela Arzumendi as Beduin Bride
  • Manuel Medero as Beduin Groom
  • David Kirk Traylor as Commander Barton (voice)
  • Edoardo Purgatori as Radio Operator (voice)



Mine review

This movie is wayyy too long. I wanted to like it, but by the time the final 40 minutes came around, I found myself wishing he’d just take his damn foot off! First off, it’s a bit of a daft story-line, the army just wouldn’t abandon soldiers, sandstorms or not. Two days in one position and your leg would go numb. Hell… mine goes to sleep when I cross my legs for more than five minutes these days! I have a gripe about the casting of the black man, played by Clint Dyer (I know – who?). Why get an English actor, or for that matter an American to do the voice of an indigenous tribesman slash Nomad? Are there no actors who have a more suitable accent? It all adds to the realism. His accent was appalling and clichéd, almost comical. Well, a few things happen over the next two days (and boy does it seem every minute of 48 hours). It feels as though the movie has genuinely been that long by the end. By the time you get to the retrospective look at our hero’s past, you genuinely want him to just get on with it, it just goes on and on and on. Then the painful drawn out end is just too much. I found myself just wanting the movie to stop before I broke something. I think I started to lose focus around 43 minutes in. It’s always a bad sign when you are looking at how long is left and an even worse one when you can remember the exact time you looked afterwards. The whole movie was just over the top, like the music and swelling orchestral accompaniment, which shouts ‘I want you to be moved’ instead of the film and events actually moving you. The movie is easily summed up as: man steps on mine, man steps off mine – the end. There is no more substance to it unfortunately. A lot more interesting things could have happened. The acting is fine, but how hard is it to play such an unchallenging role? The end is a bit unsatisfactory as well, it can be seen coming a mile off, so that is a further letdown. I wouldn’t view this a second time if I had free tickets. I have more things to do with my life, like chewing my own arm off, or sticking pins in my eyes – both of which would be more pleasurable.


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