Naam Shabana free movie

Naam Shabana free movie

Shabana, a simple girl, born and brought up in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, has her focus set on doing well in college and is a Kudo champ. She’s fierce and quiet which is result of her past. Naam Shabana  has an amazing friend like relationship with her mother.

On her way to college she always picked up by Jai, her classmate, and one’s who is crazily in love with her. She has a group of five friends, PRIYA, PRASHANT, SHOAIB, and SEEMA & Jai. She and Priya train together, but clearly she is the best in her class and she happens to be a favourite of her coach because of her commitment and determination. While on their date, Jai confesses his love to her, she doesn’t respond to him then and on the way back home they run into a gang of 4 boys who are evidently drunk and end up eve teasing. Shabana, being the girl she is, gets into a fight and this results in a life defining moment. And it’s then that she gets a call from an unknown number. The Voice claims to have called her from an Agency and there’s an offer for her.



Naam Shabana free movie watch online

Naam Shabana watch online


Naam Shabana

The film begins with two Indian agents working under Ranvir Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) chasing an international arms dealer Mikhail, but instead he kills them both and escapes. A year later Shabana Khan (Taapsee Pannu) a college student who is also Kudo fighter is been followed by Indian agency as a potential recruit. Shabana had a past of being kept in juvenile home for killing her abusive father who used to physically assault her mother. One fateful night, Shabana goes out on a dinner date with her friend Jai on his birthday. During their bike ride home, Naam Shabana faces eve teasing from a group of four drunk men in a jeep. Later it turns into a physical altercation resulting in Jai getting killed and men running away. Soon after, Shabana receives a call from an unknown number asking if she wants to avenge her lover’s death. The unknown caller agrees to help her persecute the killers in exchange for Shabana joining a secret agency. Shabana agrees to this and accordingly receives information on the killer’s whereabouts and aids her in killing them. Shabana then reaches Goa to the same hotel were the main culprit who killed Jai was staying. As instructed Shabana enters his room killing him and later escapes with the help of Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar). The unknown caller is revealed to be Ranvir singh.

Following this Shabana is recruited into the secret agency on a trial basis, wherein she is to receive extensive training in physical fitness and fighting techniques. The story then focuses on a global arms dealer and supplier called Mikhail, who has been on the radar of several intelligence agencies. Three Indian Agents then tracks down Tony considered as Mikhail’s right hand. During interrogation Tony tips them a German Doctor’s name who has surgically changed Mikhail’s face. By the time agency contacts the Doctor to get Mikhail’s new look, Tony kills all three agents and escapes, reveling that he himself is Mikhail (Prithviraj Sukumaran). Ranvir Singh gets the tip that Mikhail is planning another plastic surgery to change his face again. This time Shabana is sent to kill Mikhail, with the help of Ajay Singh and Om Prakash Shukla (Anupam Kher). Shabana enters the hospital disguised as a patient. After getting rid of Mikhail’s private security, Shabana is about to kill Mikhail in OT. To her surprise Mikhail is very much awake as he had refused to take anesthesia during operation. After quite a tussle Shabana finally manages to kill Mikhail and escape from police, once again with the help of Ajay.